Check Out the 2003 Toyota Camry Specs and How much it cost in Nigeria

The Toyota Camry rates top in the auto industry, probably owing to its name ‘Camry’, which when translated means ‘crown’ in the Japanese language. That justifies why the Camry thrives in the market, outselling big car brands like the Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, among many other used cars for sale in nigeria

For 2003, what is presented before us is a solid car that outperforms everyone, while on the road. It dashes quite smoothly, even over upbeat cities. That’s just speaking of one aspect. Talk of the interior! It’s ergonomic in its dealing. The seats are all cushy, and there are big buttons and controls that are convenient to use and to adjust to. Excellence is simply a priority for this car and it definitely didn’t come to play.

The exterior is welcoming with an extended wheelbase, increasing back seat legroom as a result. What else do we get to see? A tall, well-rounded car keeps up with its contemporary fashion and innovation. Toyota has always proven to be upscale, durable and reliable. Let’s see why they have trended thus far, in this review of the 2003 Camry.


2003 Toyota Camry


The Toyota Camry for 2003 was definitely revised and it’s not hard to tell that it’s a Toyota model, since it carries the outlook. What’s been changed however, are the taillights, the front bumper, the grille, the rear deck and the wheels. The front fascia has a better looking appearance. That’s thanks to the stylish manner in which it cuts through to the grille. The pronounced wheel arches are also a delight to notice. It also comes with heated side mirrors, fog lights, Halogen headlamps and tilted glass sunroof.


The 2003 Camry comes with a maximum cargo space of 16.7 cubic feet

Safety & Technology

The Camry inhabits a Vehicle Skid Control system that knows just how to urgently direct the throttle and braking in a time of emergency. Power locks, remote keyless entry, first-rate springs, anti-roll bars, shocks, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, side impact and curtain airbags, electronic brake distribution etc. are all in place. That informs how safe the vehicle actually is.

Other high-tech options it hosts within it are power mirrors, power windows, automatic air conditioning, visor vanity mirrors, a premium leather-laced steering wheel, larger, attractive wheels; power driver seats, cushy passenger 60/40 split seats, an alarm system, a back window-sunshade, cargo net, six-disc CD changer, a JBL audio system, power pedals, and tons of mind-blowing lots.

Now that you know, you can be sure of a safe, remarkable buy.  The 2003 model is super fascinating with a lot of dramatic features to support that, so you can be sure it’s not a boring car. The Camry will continue to be loved, by all and sundry. That’s why you’d love it too.

Engine & Performance

The Toyota Camry is produced in three trim levels: the LE, the XLE and the SE models and all models come in the sedan body style. Each one is available with two choice engines: the four-cylinder and the V6. The four-cylinder engine is rated at a 2.4 liter, 16-valve twin-overhead-cam unit, at a 157 horsepower at 5600 rpm. The 3.0 liter V6 engine, on the other hand generates a maximum of 192 horsepower at 5,800 rpm. Both come along with an automatic transmission. The LE model accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 9.5 seconds, which is a handsome number considering what its competition offer. Toyota vehicles always deliver considerably good fuel economy and that is the case with the 2003 Camry. The LE trim offers fuel economy rating of 23 mpg city and 33 mpg for highway travel using its 5 speed manual transmission. The 3.0 liter V6 XLE model delivers a slightly lower fuel economy rating, settling at 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway travel.

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The Toyota’s driving impression is one that is really cool. Its engine is quiet, not releasing any unpleasant noise. Another very cool stuff about this 2003 Camry is its ability to predict when it is approaching a hilly road. That way, it’s able to pre-empt any problems by shifting gears.

Thanks to its precise and well-tuned suspension system, you can trust that your ride will be just pleasant. The steering is well designed, making it not soft hard or neither too easy to turn. The keep word here is “Balance”. Its braking system is superb, taking care of emergency situations where the vehicle must be stable on seemingly difficult roads.  



The base four-cylinder LE trim is priced at $19,045 for a five-speed manual transmission, while the LE V6 model with either the four-speed automatic or 5 speed automatic transmission is up a few bucks to $22,260.  The SE trim on the other hand, commands a sporty look; and goes for $19,875 with its standard 5 speed manual transmission and $23,265 for the SE V6 trim with 4 or 5 speed automatic transmission. The last and ultimate version of them all is the XLE that comes with 4 speed automatic transmission as standard starts at a $25,405 and same price for the 5 speed automatic transmission.

Prices of 2003 Toyota Camry in NigeriaTokumbo/Foreign used₦937 Thousand to ₦3.3 millionBrand New₦6.90 million to ₦9.20 millionNigerian Used₦750 Thousand to ₦1.8 millionCost of Clearing 2003 Toyota Camry in Nigeria₦500 to ₦800 thousand

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The 2003 Toyota Camry is comfy on the inside, with controls that are user-friendly. Radio and climate control buttons are situated right at the centre of the dash. Not far from that are three large knobs, also located at the centre. Each of these dials control heating, air conditioning and ventilation functions which come standard on the SE and LE models. The XLE, on the other hand, gets its automatic climate control, unique to it. The stereo has massive buttons and control knobs that scan for radio stations among other related things. The fuel and temperature gauges are positioned in between two big instruments (for tachometer and speedometer). The light and wiper controls are right on the steering. The dashboard itself is plain and camouflages beautifully into the door frames. The front bucket seats are divided by a centre console. Next are the parking brakes, taking residence, also at the centre.

Dashboard view of the 2003 Toyota Camry

2003 Camry comes with heating, air conditioning and ventilation features

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